Founded in 2021, Chengdu Transepic Semiconductor Co., Ltd.,
(Transepic) is headquartered in the Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone (CDHT), China,
and has two branches in Shanghai and Delft, the Netherlands.
Backed by years of industry research, Transepic is building a world-class team of integrated circuit design engineers committing to the development of high-performanceanalog/mixed-signal chip solutions serving the new energy industry and the medical device industry.
Transepic Semiconductor has established a solid and profound accumulation of know-how and experience in low-power, ultrahighprecision analog and mixed-signal
ICs, high performance AFEs and vertical integration of medicalelectronics.

Corporate Culture


Provide the most innovative high-performance analog chip solutions


We embrace innovation and inventive engineering


We encourage diversity, internationalization as well as compatibility to local talents

Team Members

Technical Experts

All members of the founding team graduated from top universities worldwide(Tsinghua University, MIT and TU Delft). They came from industry-leading semiconductor enterprises, such as Apple, NXP and Maxim Integrated, bringing more than 50 years of experiencein cutting-edge integrated circuit design techniquesand mass production. . In the past 10 years, the core-tech team have contributed more than 50 publications in top conferences and journals in the field of semiconductor and integrated circuit design, e.g. ISSCC and JSSC.

Chengdu Transepic Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Address:Building 404, No. 888, Tianfu 1st Street, Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Sichuan